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Indiana Notary Public Bond and Seal
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TOPIC: What type of notary seal is required?

What type of notary seal is required? 7 years 17 hours ago #904

The law allows the use of either a rubber stamp or a metal embosser. Either seal must include the phrase, “Notary Public Seal”. Seals produced by Notary Public Underwriters also contain the following information: commission name, commission expiration date, the name of the county where you reside and the words “Notary Public, State of Indiana”. The notary stamp should make a legible impression, which can be photographically reproduced. When using an embosser, you will need to use a rubber stamp with your expiration date and your county of residence, or hand write this information next to the seal impression. We also advise using an impression inker or carbon paper on embossed seals so they can be easily photocopied.

Notary Public Underwriters offers either seal in several styles, all of which comply with Indiana law. If you frequently notarize out-of-state or international documents, you may wish to use the rubber notary stamp for its clarity and the embosser which is readily accepted as the notary standard around the world.

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What type of notary seal is required? NPU Admin 7 years 17 hours ago